Are you one of those NIMBY nay sayers? Do you want to stop development and move it elsewhere?


For most home owners (myself included), our home is one of our biggest investments. Each of us pay taxes to finance local government, infrastructure and schools. So naturally we care what happens in our backyard, and I expect the city to serve all of its citizens, the residents, apartment complex landlords and the developers alike.
I do not advocate stopping the development in Downtown or Overlake and turning it back to farming land, but I do believe that there are multitude of options. Current mix of rental apartment buildings and hotels in Downtown is not the only choice. 
Mixed use buildings with space for local businesses, and "gentle" density solutions such as low rise apartments/condos, duplexes and townhomes may increase density without danger of immediate overbuilding and associated strain on the infrastructure, and build cohesive communities invested in our city.