Dear Neighbors!

Like you, I live in Redmond and love our city. As a non-partisan candidate, I represent all residents and will remain accountable to you, not to special interests.

When elected, my priorities will be to

  • Balance urban growth with the needs of all neighborhoods. Redmond is growing and we need to ensure that investments into urban centers are on par with investments into existing neighborhoods. Our city needs holistic approach to transportation and growth, as population growth in Downtown and Overlake affects us all.
  • Empower the residents in city planning decisions. It is time for us to implement inclusive process that takes residents feedback into account early on the projects, is easy for citizens to navigate and protects our quality of life. We need to have a way to examine our city long term plans and adjust them based on public opinion. 
  • Support local businesses through urban change. As our city grows, many long-term small businesses forced to close or relocate. At our city we can create supportive policies, such as stimulating mixed retail and requiring smaller commercial spaces availability in new construction. 
  • Invest in smart traffic planning and monitoring solutions. Currently, our planning efforts lag behind growth. With investment into advanced solutions, we should be able to establish traffic patterns in real time, and then identify and address most pressing issues much faster.

Let's talk about these points, or any other issues you feel passionate about. Contact me over email, phone to chat or set up a meeting, or if you want to volunteer or donate to the campaign.

I can also be found on Facebook - let's talk Redmond there!